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Established in 1846,  the Astor House played a significant role in Shanghai's early modern history.Notable moments include the city's first electric lights (1882) and first telephone call (1901). However,  though it was cutting edge back in the days of trolleys and steamships,  some guests would tell you that the Astor hasn't quite made it out of the twentieth century. [View Detail]     

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  • annestar
    Environment is very good
  • jennywyj
    Friends book, on business, very nice
  • bg7bfb
    Hotel service is good, has a long history
  • cpx718
    Very good, great fan!
  • allyears
    On good, service was good, the environment did not say was late a bit expensive, have the opportunity to also want a place to live.
  • e00145625
    Location is good, very near from Bund. hotel was very old, poor soundproofing. comfortable bed. There is a history of an old shop.
  • cindy_baby2004
    Which is very nice
  • csgap
    Hotel is old is short, based facilities also is poor, online praised of what real super by value of are is no of thing. hair dryer machine nausea died has, wet with hair sleep has a night, room a open window special smelly, may is is Hou kitchen water, can't open window breathable. anyway really of is regret to save money didn't selected other your is of hotel. by conscience said may seven hundred or eight hundred in this lots on only such has. I think to members donkey friends a also is real of reviews really of special important, because travel in the designedHotel quality directly affects the mood of the family ... suggest that we don't in order to save hundreds of dollars to influence mood.
  • E05864268
    Hotel is is has era sense of that, staying of foreigners many. we was arrangements in in the floor a floor, room is big, floors is high, without open air conditioning also is cool, but is Windows bad open (full is pipeline), also can't see outside beauty, double bed of bed still is big, enough sleep two a people. on in Garden bridge side, to Bund go go on to, General for also good.
  • esasu
  • . hastily / xy
    Hotels are history, I feel pretty good, defect is no longer provide luggage storage after check out service, the waiter said not for a long time.
  • aliang00703
    All right
  • allied
    Old brand also is in jail in addition to bed a little small, other aspects are very good!
  • jiangbo8563
    Hotel itself is very romantic, but the management and service very ruthless, very cold at the front desk, and no, it's rare.
  • georgecolin
    Very nice, spacious, and can see the Bund.
  • b2sunny
    Very nice quiet beautiful, nice and clean good service like a sense of time
  • e01221253
    Good culture than in the past, the service needs to be improved, or 21-inch flat TV! speechless!
  • OlderJames
    Like hotels, particularly spacious, with a sense of history. lot.
  • lisl05
    Good location, best, bathroom very clean. All are great.
  • e00221431
    On behalf of my colleagues, said special praise, children love
    Itself is a history book, good views of the Bund is easy
  • fengwu05002030
    Well, upon entering the hotel you like into the Museum, the service is also very good, full service with a smile, in short, all praise!
  • deucepp
    All right
  • e00641663
    Hotel is located in the garden bridge on the edge of Russia across from the Consulate, building a sense of history as a whole, time stamp, first lit the light of parts of China, where the first heard the phone ring, Chiang Kai-shek, Soong Ching ling wedding venue, Zhou Enlai Deng yingchao's hotel ... ... Full of historical memories, the hotel has to feel it! service is also very good, with children to visit a circle also encountered enthusiastic facts, Yes, the next opportunity will be assigned
  • amy_wang1391
    Girlfriends travel to Shanghai to clause, is to see scenery to Shanghai on the Bund, hotel is really nice, the waibaidu bridge, three-minute walk to the Bund-hotel building itself is antique, great service staff help bag also called, really very good, thank you!
  • Gallant
    Very close to waibaidu bridge, living room is very large, very good
  • dorisP
    A beach feeling, flows outside the window of the Huangpu River, the Bund at night picture. this very affordable, although some facilities are aging, but history remains!
  • ivylo
    A sense of history
  • icemoonleo
    Hotel facilities and a good environment, but the front desk again and improve on better. overall good
  • bigfoor
    Turn of the century hotel has a flavor
  • jerrin
    Very worth experience of hotel, old Shanghai of feel blowing and to, wood floor special has feel, room Super big, bed special comfortable, out is garden bridge, had has garden bridge is Bund, was too convenient has, breakfast also is good. left also to has celebrity room see has Xia, good lamented Ah, anyway, to Shanghai, wants to feel old Shanghai of style, this hotel is preferred
  • nt_daijian
    Room was very very good. If breakfast is even more perfect.
  • Jun1016
    Too old fasion
  • bell50
    Antique services in place, highly recommend!
  • bater18
    Was very close to the Bund, old rooms, personal favorite, the next time you go
  • AnnCandy
    Mainly when there is no elevator was scheduled does not know which need to improve other well
  • liuwei_713
    Good location, just near the Bund, the hotel a sense of history, that is, TV is too old
  • Danny Jin
    Good location, historical value
  • moocow
    Shanghai feeling, as if through the Republic of China era! just arranged for a former United States Presidents lived in the room, my friend very satisfied! very unique!
  • cicitaner
    Help clients to book the room, she said the mood is very good, very clean. buffet breakfast is also very good. is near from the Bund, the traffic is very convenient. will make next time!
  • jerry16569
  • Cinderella.Sun
    Have always liked the hotel, there is a sense of history. that's good, because it is a wood floor, and someone walking in the morning could be heard clearly at night.
  • artemisfly
    Online find many hotels and ultimately selected this century-old styles like there is no breakfast!
  • catdance5
    All right
  • davidma_888
    Head back to Shanghai and want to live old Shanghai style, see image and a nice selection for it, great experience! just beside the waibaidu bridge to the Bund and meet all the fantasies I to Shanghai! too advantageous geographical location of the hotel itself and its! next time will come!
  • andrewliu1979
    Super big bed, two beds and can sleep four adults! old Shanghai houses, a lot of flavor, just beside the garden bridge, easy, 5 minute walk to the Bund
  • fiobio
    Hotel very old Shanghai feel, some noise in the street room
  • ellylin
    Very retro, a Shanghai accent
  • robertlee600
    Very good, very satisfied, help me upgrade to the family room, really high-end atmosphere on the grade!
  • FJS268
    Overall, the old House, great location